About Us

The Jewish Congregation Michelsberg sees itself as a multi-generational, diverse and inclusionary Jewish community that recognizes ALL Jewish denominations and offers a permanent home e.g. to Jews with a non-Jewish mother and a Jewish father by implementing the principles of progressive Judaism.

Our Principles:

The Jewish Congregation Michelsberg sees recognizing Jews with “only” a Jewish father as having equal rights, the democratic process, the pluralistic approach and equality between men and women independently of their sexual identity as irrevocable foundations of the community. These are non-negotiable. All actions and activities of the Congregation are based on these principles.

  1. Promoting pluralism within Judaism
  2. Recognition of Jews with a Jewish father and a non-Jewish mother as having equal Jewish rights
  3. Recognizing equal rights of women and men independently of their sexual identity (in all areas of religion, culture and education)
  4. Integration of Jews into the society of Wiesbaden and beyond
  5. Promoting democracy in all areas
  6. Adaptation of the religion to the challenges of the present age

Our Targets: 

  1. Fostering “being Jewish” in the sense of progressive Judaism.
  2. Help young Jewish individuals to develop their own concept of Judaism by providing guidance.
  3. Represent progressive Judaism for the population of Wiesbaden, Mainz and the Rhein-Main-Kreis (county).
  4. Through publicity and cooperation with schools, Christian-, Muslim- and other religious and cultural associations promote a mutual understanding and friendly relations and together fight against antisemitism.

Our Plans: 

  1. Organizing platforms within the realms of progressive Jewish religion, culture, education, social programs and sport that are open to various religions and cultures so that we are in constant exchange and dialog with them and so that we foster intercultural competencies of our own members and of the members of other cultures and religions.
  2. Organizing a progressive Jewish Kindergarten and a progressive Jewish school that are open to all religions and cultures.

We are looking forward to you and hope for your support!