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Progressive Jewish Congregation Michelsberg in Wiesbaden

Germany’s first Reconstructionist Jewish Congregation. We are member of:

About Us

Our history in Germany in Wiesbaden.

Jewish Diversity

Only knowing about the diversity within Judaism allows developing a true idea of Judaism as a whole.

The Reconstructionist Movement understands Judaism as a developing civilization of the Jewish Peoplehood, of history, religion, education, culture, literature, music, land and language.

Based on M. Kaplan

Since more than 1000 years Judaism is a core constituent of the German and European history, culture and society. Even more so, Germany is the cradle of Reform Judaism. Here the Progressive Movement of Judaism was born which spread over the whole world. The World Union for Progressive Judaism to which the Reconstructionist branch of Judaism belongs is the biggest Jewish movement in the world and counts more than 1.5 million members at this time.


We are open to everyone. Let us enrich each others!

Let’s discuss diverse perspectives on history and present of Judaism together and develop the candidness to again and again ask new questions about and reflect upon the various inside and outside views on Judaism.