Looking Back on Chanukkah

On Friday, 8 December, we had our Chanukkah-Shabbat evening during which Konstantin Konson (Stuttgart) presented his book “Korach. Ein Romand über die Zeit”.

We will remember a wonderful, warm and cordial atmosphere, the children lighting the Chanukkah candles, the new guests and the Ukrainian friends of our congregation who brought great homemade sweets with them.

Especially inspiring have been the introductory words about Chanukkah and the special Shabbat by Konstantin Konson. His lecture about his book from which he also read sparked a lot of interest among the attendants.

The novel describes the deep meaning of the narratives within the Torah, guides the reader through the mazes of the Torah and uncovers a tradition of many thousand years.

Konstantin Konson’s book can be obtained as eBook, audio book or printed edition at Litres or directly from the author.

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