Shanah Tova 5784

The board wishes all members, friends and supporters a Shanah Tova u Metuka!!!

May this coming year be a sweet one for you and your loved ones!

May all your efforts during this coming year be blessed!

May this coming year be full of success and prosperity!

May you have a year full of love, contentment and fortune! Stay well!

We wish you a lot of Naches and no Zores in this upcoming year!!!


Notice: Voices of Exile on 16 Sep 23 at 1900h


Shanah Tova! A Happy and Sweet 5783!

We wish you all a happy, healthy and peaceful year 5783 full of prosperity and harmony!


Konstantin Konson: Korach

Konstantin Korach, who is leading our Shiurim, has published a new Russian-language novel.

If you are interested in this book, please feel free to contact us via email.


Notice: Tu Be’Av Cafe on 12 Aug 22 at 1700h

On 12 August at 17:00h our Tu Be’Av Café on ZOOM will be happening.

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Meeting-ID: 752 0832 4273
Code: R7nD5j


“Soundscapes” Concert Impressions from 22 May 22

Here some impressions from our concert that took place last weekend with an audience of more than 240 people – the hall was filled to capacity.

We have been thrilled about the enormous interest!


Notice: Jewish Soundscapes as Part of HR2 Kultur on 22 May 22


We Mourn Leon Schwarzbaum z”l

Leon Schwarzbaum (20 Feb 1921 – 14 Mar 2022)

Mr Schwarzbaum, whom we had the honour to call “Henry”, was the only family member to survive the concentration camps Auschwitz and Buchenwald as well as the death march.

We mourn a wonderful Mensch, an important historical figure of Germany’s history, a member of our congregation who constantly supported us and who lent a Torah to our community.

In an interview with Volker Schlöndorff he had answered as one of the last contemporary witnesses a huge number of questions that were collected and sent to him by students of schools in Hesse on Henry’s request. The resulting documentary movie is a very impressive conversation. Henry’s commitment to peace is of huge importance.

In addition to all that, Henry was an incredibly interesting and humorous conversation partner, a musician who could sing all the songs in his mother tongue Yiddish, an art connoisseur and inspiring narrator, a real gentleman, an admirable Mensch who stayed young until his final days.

We are fortunate and grateful to have known Henry and we will forever lovingly remember him.


Notice: Discussion with Philosopher Konstantin Konson (in Russian) on 15 Mar 22 at 2000h

We invite you to our next event in cooperation with Limmud:

Друзья, даже в самые страшные времена наш еврейский народ хранил традиции. Через тысячелетия пронесли их наши предки и передали нам. Духовные маяки нашего народа всегда освещали нам путь! Одним из таких маяков является Пурим.

Поэтому проект „Перспектива“ Прогрессивной Еврейской Общины Михельсберг г. Висбаден решил при поддержке Лиммуд ФСУ не нарушать наших традиций и сейчас, в ужасно тяжёлое время.

Именно сейчас есть смысл в том, чтобы собраться, почувствовать нашу общность, поддеpжать друг друга, обсудить насущное, вспомнить о том, что помогло нашим предкам в тяжёлые моменты их жизни. Именно в дни Пурима стоит поговорить о праведниках и злодеях, о спасении и попытаться понять, что это сейчас значит
для нас.

Мы приглашаем Вас и Ваших друзей на лекцию-беседу замечательного автора , философа и лектора Константина Консона на тему „Духовные маяки еврейского народа: Пурим“, которая состоится практически у Вас дом а, у Вашего компьютера или телефона 15.03.2022 в 20.00 по Берлинскому времени.

После лекции мы приглашаем Вас послушать короткий, но захватывающий рассказ профессора доктора Германа Немировского „Пурим“.

Будем очень рады встретиться с Вами онлайн.

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Congregational Services for Refugees

For many days now we are living through an awful time. The war waged by the Russian Army against Ukraine has shaken us to the core.

In our thoughts, we are with the people that are in Ukraine, that are fighting for their country or that had to leave their homeland.

Many members and friends of our congregation are worrying about the loved ones in Ukraine, who have lost their homes, are without heating and hot water, who are sleeping in their basement or in subway stations, who lack food, medication and everything else needed for their livelihood. They are worried for their children and at the same time bravely defending their country Ukraine. Many women and children are seeking refuge.

Some of our members are providing shelter for their relatives from Ukraine. Others are sending support to Ukraine like medication, money and other supplies urgently in need.

We help where we can.

But we are also proud of our relatives and friends in Russia who are risking everything to protest against the war. We support them as well, financially and with important information that otherwise is kept secret and banned in Russia.

Since many of our members have originally come from Ukraine, Belarus and Russia, we are able to offer various kinds of help to all refugees from Ukraine, e.g.

  • as translators,
  • supporting with school enrollment for children,
  • as company for government agency appointments,
  • as support during life situations in Germany,
  • as support with all questions of settling into German society.

Additionally, we can offer transport from the Polish border.

Please contact us via email:


Progressive Jüdische Gemeinde Michelsberg e.V
IBAN: DE34 5086 2903 0002 6141 46
Volksbank Mainspitze e.G.