Notice: Jewish Soundscapes in Hesse Over the Centuries

For 1,700 years, Jewish music is part of Germany. Over the centuries, the life of Jews in Hesse changed and alongside colorful soundscapes developed. We are presenting a short history of Jewish musical culture in Hesse: From religious to folk music, from Klezmer to Jewish composers and musicians that have worked and still work in Hesse. Dive into a many-sided musical world of Jewish Hesses from yesterday to today.

Cello, Nathan Watts
Piano, Stanislav Rosenberg
Vocals, Katharina Elisabeth Schmitz
Violin, Alina Gelfond

Bürgerhaus Wiesbaden
Wellritzstr. 38
65183 Wiesbaden

19-20:45h | Free Entrance (Donations Welcome)

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