99th Birthday of Our Oldest Member

Due to the situation of the last few months, we publish this news item somewhat late: On 20 Feb 2020, the oldest member of our congregation, Leo Schwarzbaum, turned 99 years old.

Alina played Jewish tunes to honour our birthday child

The Torah from which was read during the first memorial service of our congregation on 27 Jan 2020 at Michelsberg, has been provided to us by Mr Schwarzbaum. It is his Torah that has accompanied him on his Bar Mizvah. It also is the Torah that knew the happy times before the Shoah, like her owner.

Leo Schwarzbaum showed pictures from his family album

The oldest Auschwitz survivor has received two gifts from our congregation for his birthday that both have dearly moved him. Our board members Bronislawa Gelfond and Larissa Deichmann as well as our director, Andreas Kimmel, presented the picture of our synagogue on the Michelsberg that has been drawn only for him by Anna Conrad.

Mr Schwarzbaum was presented a drawing of the former synagogue on the Michelsberg

It is the symbol of our reborn Progressive Jewish Congregation Wiesbaden. When one of our youngest members, the very talented violinist Alina Gelfond, played Jewish songs for Mr Schwarzbaum, one could see tears in his eyes. He then told us that at that moment he had remembered his childhood and his family.

Many of the accounts of Auschwitz were only barely endurable (please excuse the bad audio quality)

She would never forget many of the photos from the family album and all the endlessly moving memories of Mr Schwarzbaum, Alina said after the 3 hour long visit.

The discussions also circled around the future of Judaism in Germany

The history of our community continues and connects to the narratives of our members.

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